Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Ferdinand and Dorothea

If you want to witness how savage Dorothea can be to nobles like Black Eagles’ Ferdinand, then take a gander at this incredible support conversation. Before the game’s official release, there were some screenshots of this support flying around the web with Dorothea giving the cold shoulder to Ferdinand.

In the C support, the singer claims that the noble is being too flattery and claims to hate him. That’s pretty brutal of her, even if she has good points. Ferdinand is curious and asks why, but Dorothea suggests that it is easy for nobles to figure out the brains of commonfolk. When asked for a clue, she says that Ferdinand is like a bee.

The B support starts with Ferdinand offering treats he made with Dorothea being impressed. His reasoning for making treats was to answer the singer’s riddle, comparing the bee to a hard worker and how Ferdinand only earned his fortune from his family’s status. Telling her what work he did to make the treats on his own is refreshing from Ferdinand, just to understand Dorothea’s struggle from being a commoner to an opera singer. This is easily my favorite conversation overall.

Their A-support conversation goes into detail on Dorothea’s harsh childhood of being an orphan. She was on her own, and it is honestly heartbreaking for her to go through what she described to Ferdinand. She was saved thanks to her singing, which landed her at the opera company. She was treated terribly by nobles up until she showcased her voice and beauty.

Ferdinand mentions how he would never treat people based on their appearance, which is a fantastic viewpoint that everyone should follow. It’s also revealed that they have met before enrolling in the academy, with Dorothea claiming that Ferdinand glared at her from the moment he saw her. Ferdinand explains that he was in much awe from seeing her as a child, and this gives Dorothea a new perspective that not all nobles are bad.