Clash Royale Season 2 lands with new round of buffs and nerfs

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Accompanying Clash Royale Season 2: Shipwrecked is a balance update with changes. Check out which units have been buffed and which have been nerfed.

Land ho! Clash Royale Season 2: Shipwrecked is live, introducing a new Pass Royale and a series of balance updates.

As previously covered, Season 2 will take us to Shipwreck Island, a beautiful, tropical beach where most of this season’s clashing will go on. Continuing with the summer vibes, this season’s cosmetics consist of a sand castle tower skin and pirate-themed King emote. Other than that, much of the contents and structure of the Pass Royale remains the same.

The big changes come in the form of a balance update, which will surely impact plenty of decks moving forward.

Defensive decks take a major hit this season with a huge nerf to the P.E.K.K.A’s health, which has seen its hitpoints reduced by a whopping 9.5 percent. To offset this, its melee range has been increased. This is a huge nerf that’ll be hard to overcome for most defensive decks, but it wasn’t unexpected; the P.E.K.K.A, for its price, was an incredible value.

The recently released Fisherman has had his anchor range slightly increased and his hitpoints increased by 10 percent.  His increased health means he should survive Lightning now. I like the Fisherman’s new mechanic, so hopefully his increased survivability makes him more viable.

The Magic Archer also received a buff to his damage (+16%) and hit speed (1.0s to 1.1s). The goal with this change was to make the Magic Archer a more effective splash-attacking alternative. He will now one-hit Spear Goblins and two-hit Minions when underleveled. The Magic Archer has potential, but his lack of damage made him an unappealing option. This was a much needed buff.

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The Lumberjack saw a slight nerf to his hit speed (reduced 0.7 to 0.8). The Lumberjack is an incredibly useful anti-tank unit, with fast movement and high attack speed. Throw in his free Rage, and he’s an almost must-play unit. But people were abusing him for his free Rage and combining him with the Royal Giant and Balloon. I don’t know how much this hit speed nerf will actually deter his use, though.

Finally, the Barbarian Barrel has had his damage reduced by 15 percent. Basically, previous adjustments and nerfs had no impact on his use rate at high levels of play. The change means he’ll defeat overleveled Goblins, but will no long defeat Princess, Dart Goblin or Rascal Girls.

Safe from the nerf bat this season is the Royal Giant, Dark Prince and Baby dragon. Despite their high rate of play, and in some cases wins, Supercell believes they are all pretty balanced units. Rather than directly nerf these units, the changes made to the other troops should serve as an indirect nerf. By making the other units more effective, Supercell hopes they’ll offset the popularity of these three particular units.

You can read up on the full Clash Royale Season 2 patch, including upcoming challenges and trophy road changes here.