Psyduck gets his due with ‘Bewildered’ Pokemon clothing line


Every trainer has their favorite Pokemon and in all of the years I have consumed Pokemon media, many people have Psyduck on their list.

Trainers young and old are drawn to Psyduck, which made its debut in the first generation of Pokemon games.

In the Reddit survey asking everyone’s favorite Pokemon – the one that went viral with headlines like “Not everyone Pokemon is someone’s favorite” – Psyduck ranked No. 49 with 281 votes. Among its fans are former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, some friends from college and my mother. I bought her a miniature of the duck Pokemon for Christmas one year and she has kept it to this day.

Trainers who want to show their Psyduck appreciation can wear it on their sleeve, or chest. The Pokemon Twitter account announced the duck Pokemon will be getting its own fashion line with the “Bewildered Collection” In the Pokemon Center store.

The merchandise features fleece hoodie, All-over print T-shirt, pins and water bottles.

Even if they are not fans of the duck Pokemon, the clothes look pretty cool and the pins would make great additions to anyone’s Pokemon collection.

While some critics may scoff at the idea of Pokemon adding another clothing line, the apparel is just the latest love for Psyduck. The confused duck Pokemon has been a part of the franchise since the first generation of games and many fans fell in love with it when it became a member of Misty’s Pokemon team in the anime.

Although it was dopey and constantly received verbal thrashings from Misty, it had some clutch moments throughout the series and became a vital member of Misty’s Pokemon team.

This translated to video games where Misty had a Psyduck for her Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee team when the trainer first battles her. Its evolved form, Golduck was a member of her roster in the rematches and the later generations of games.

There was also its inclusion in the “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu,” where Lucy Stevens, one of the characters, has a Psyduck and they play a big role in the movie.

I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Psyduck growing up, but as I’ve gotten older I have to appreciate its contribution and impact on the Pokemon franchise. I think part of the reason why people love it is because Psyduck is so cute. It’s also a Pokemon with a lot of potential. You don’t expect much from it because of its headache and expression, but it has the power to knock any Pokemon on its back.

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With all of the love Psyduck has received in the last few years, it will be interesting to see where developers go with the character in future installments. Perhaps Lucy and her Pokemon will make a return in the Detective Pikachu movie or they could get their own spin-off film.