Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 adds Twisted Fate and Ranked, addresses RNG

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Ranked play and other system balance changes

One of the biggest highlights with patch 9.14 is the arrival of Ranked competitive play. Many of the systems in Ranked play was discussed earlier this month, which you can read all about here.

Technically, this is considered the Beta Season, as Riot is still balancing and polishing Teamfight Tactics. Either way, it’s competitive play that’ll rank you based on your performance. As Riot previously explained, however, you don’t need to place first for it to be considered a “win” to earn LP and move up in the ranks.

One change from the previously mentioned systems is to premade party size which is now limited to three players at all ranks; down from the five below platinum. This, I assume, was to prevent exploiting the system. As Teamfight Tactics is essentially a free-for-all, it never seemed right that five friends could play together and strategize against three randoms.

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Attack speed ratios have also been reworked, and are now calculated based on a percent of the champion’s base attack speed. Riot explained:

"In short, champions with lower base attack speeds will receive less benefit from attack speed items. Certain champions and attack speed granting items have been adjusted in this patch to compensate."

Other notable changes include a slight decrease in XP cost to get to level 9 (from 70 down to 64); abilities that target low health champions will be prioritized by “lowest health by HP percentage instead of total HP”; and tons of bug fixes.

The user interface has also been updated to add a “streak” indicator next to your gold total; this should help better recognizing what sort of gold bonus and rewards you’ll get for a streak. Champion stats, like attack damage, armor and magic resist, will show up in the inspect panel. And lastly, a combat recap will show how much each champion dealt for the round.

As a strategy game, these UI updates will undoubtedly be incredibly helpful in creating a team comp and deciding what champions to upgrade or possibly even swap out. A game like TFT is reliant on numbers, so the more analytical and granular we can get with the stats, the better.

Now the final request is to add TFT match history to the client.