MLB The Show 19: Five best pitches to use in Road to the Show

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OK, let’s go ahead and get the obvious choice out of the way. The fastball is a dangerous pitch in MLB The Show 19, especially if your pitcher’s 4SFB (4-seam fastball) velocity is high.

It’s one of the only pitches that can be effective when you throw it high in the zone. Typically, throwing a pitch high can be a hot spot for a hitter, but the fastball is more damaging when thrown up.

I’d still recommend keeping your pitches lower to force potential ground outs, but throwing high, and in the right spot, can lead to an easy strikeout. The velocity rises the higher in the zone you throw it, so if you keep it low, and it goes 95-mph; then it can get up to 98-mph when you aim higher.

Another plus is that it’s great for accuracy. If you’re good at getting that pitching meter in into the sweet spot, then you can really paint some corners like a graffiti artist.

It’s good to boost the control attribute of the fastball, but mainly, it’s all about the speed. Since the pitch has no break, any attributes related to control can be irrelevant.

However, it doesn’t hurt to improve it. That said, it’s not necessary when finding success using this extremely popular pitch.