MLB The Show 19: Five best pitches to use in Road to the Show

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The slider is a pitch that can have batters swinging out of their shoes in MLB The Show 19  if you place in good spots. The way it breaks at the last second can indeed fool hitters, and if your slider pitch break attribute is high, then it can be a pain.

Lord knows the many times that I was licking my chops at smashing a slider that I thought was going to be in the zone, only to see it swerve at the last second. It can work in many locations in the strike zone but is best when aiming at the opposite side of the batter’s zone.

And aiming down the middle isn’t so bad with a slider. This is because, if your break attribute is high enough, it will easily paint the edges on its own.

This makes the pitch that much more vicious. Imagine the pitch coming down the middle, only for it to curve right or left, throwing you off.

Another strategy (although I wouldn’t do this all the time) is to aim the slider outside the zone, but on the inside. This could fool hitters into thinking it’s going to stay outside of the zone for a ball but could be an easy strike.

It’s a popular pitch for a reason; it works, and it works well.