Pokemon Gold and Silver: The 5 coolest Pokemon from gen 2


Here is a list of the five coolest Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and the reasons they are the coolest from generation two.

For those who are old enough to remember Pokemon Gold and Silver, these games bring back many fond memories. Generation two introduced the dark and steel types, as well as adding baby Pokemon to the mix. Evolutions to generation one Pokemon were also added, as well as entirely new Pokemon. That being said, this generation was not difficult for me to choose my five favorites, and here they are.

5. Smeargle

As a kid, I never quite understood the appeal of this Pokemon because it wasn’t overly strong and it didn’t have a cool evolution. Now that I’m older I’ve realized that Smeargle is one of the most useful Pokemon in the franchise. Its special move, Sketch, gives it access to practically every move in the game. This makes it an ideal choice for tasks such as S.O.S. chaining in generation seven, or being a trap setter in competitive battles.

4. Tyranitar

There’s not much to say about Tyranitar that can’t be summed up by just looking at its picture. This rock/dark-type is a beast of a Pokemon and has been a top tier competitive pick since its release. Larvitar, the Pokemon it evolves from, cannot be found until the very last accessible location in the game, but it is still well worth picking up and evolving.

3. Umbreon

This is one of Eevee’s most popular evolutions, and for good reason. Umbreon was one of the first dark-type Pokemon introduced to the game, and was a defensive monster in its prime. It has a dark and handsome appearance with unique markings that give it one of the most cool appearances in the franchise. Despite the fact that it takes an obscene amount of time to get Eevee’s friendship level high enough to evolve in generation two, this Pokemon is definitely worth the investment.

2. Lugia

While Ho-oh and Lugia are both cool legendary Pokemon, Lugia takes the cake for me. It appears in Pokemon the Movie 2000 and is central to the plot. This Pokemon is graceful and calm, while also being powerful. As someone who chose Pokemon Silver over Gold based strictly off of the cover, it would be hard for me not to include Lugia on this list.

1. Suicune

Suicune is one of the legendary dogs that roams Johto after being released in Ekruteak City. It is a core part of the plot in Pokemon Crystal, where it identifies the player as a skilled trainer and follows their progress until it eventually challenges them. It is a water-type Pokemon with a sleek and agile appearance. This Pokemon’s unique appearance and design, as well as its relevance to the story, all make it the coolest Pokemon from this generation.

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A few honorable mentions from Pokemon Gold and Silver go to Celebi, Ho-oh, Espeon, Entei, and Ampharos. Be sure to stay tuned for my final list of cool Pokemon, which will be starring Pokemon from the first ever generation, Pokemon Red and Blue. For other news and stories, be sure to like and follow Viridian Forest on Facebook and Twitter. Who are some of your favorites from generation two?