Pokemon Sun and Moon: The 5 coolest Pokemon introduced in gen 7


Here is a look at a list of the top 5 coolest new Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and what makes them the coolest.

With the reveal of generation eight, Pokemon Sword and Shield, I decided to go back and take a look at some of the coolest Pokemon released with each generation. I chose to go with the most recent generation first, Pokemon Sun and Moon, so here is a look at some of my favorite Pokemon released in generation seven.

5. Salazzle

Aside from just looking extremely cool, this fire/poison salamander has a number of cool gimmicks to it. Salandit can only evolve into Salazzle if it is female, similar to Combee from generation four. In addition to this, Salazzle has the ability corrosion, which is unique to it. Corrosion allows Salazzle to poison any opposing Pokemon, including poison and steel types.

4. Tapu Koko

Considering this Pokemon saved my life at the beginning of the game, it would be rude not to include him on this list. Aside from this, he is the first fairy/electric type in the series, and he fits the island guardian theme perfectly. While all the guardians deserve an honorable mention here, Tapu Koko is easily my favorite.

3. Oricorio

This flying Pokemon can change its appearance and typing by being given different types of nectar found on different Alolan islands. Oricorio can shift between four different types, and has a special move called Revelation Dance that will match the type of Oricorio’s current form. It will be interesting to see if they bring this Pokemon back for future generations.

2. Mareanie

At first sight, Mareanie appears to be just another Pokemon, but after considering Mareanie’s Pokedex entry and how it is found in the wild, I decided that Mareanie deserved a top spot on this list. Mareanie’s Pokedex entry states that it feeds off of Corsola’s branches, and finding it requires use of the new S.O.S. mechanic by making a Corsola call for help. When Mareanie appears, it will use bite on its own ally Corsola! I thought this was a very cool inclusion to the game. Mareanie is also a very strong water/poison type, and evolves into Toxapex, one of the stronger Pokemon in this generation.

1. Cosmog

Cosmog, or “Nebby”, is the first Pokemon to evolve into a legendary. This Pokemon is central to the plot of Sun and Moon, and just looks cool in general. Cosmog can be obtained after completing the game and evolved into either Solgaleo or Lunala. I think the inclusion of Cosmog and the process of leveling it up into one of the main legendary Pokemon was a cool new addition to the Pokemon games.

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While there are plenty more cool Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, these are the ones that really stuck out to me. Each one of these Pokemon offered something new and cool to the series. Honorable mentions here go to Mimikyu, Tsareena, the ultra beasts, and the other Tapus. Be sure to stay tuned for cool Pokemon from other generations!