Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The 5 coolest Pokemon from gen 4


Here is a list of the five coolest Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and the things that make them stand out among the rest.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced a wide array of new and unique Pokemon to the series. Many of the Pokemon in this generation either evolve to or from Pokemon that already existed. There were also many legendary and mythical Pokemon introduced here, due to the plot of the games. Despite all this, choosing my favorites from this generation was not overly difficult, so here they are.

5. Luxray

Luxray is not exactly unique, powerful, or rare, but it is one of the more iconic Pokemon from generation four. Shinx can be found very early in the game, and almost feels like a second starter. Luxray is just a simple electric type Pokemon that happens to look pretty cool, and serves as a great party member throughout the game.

4. Rotom

This electric/ghost type Pokemon would probably be higher on this list if it was not so annoying in the Pokedex during Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Pokemon has the very unique and cool power to possess appliances. When this occurs, Rotom changes type and appearance. For example, when it possesses a washing machine it becomes electric/water and gains a new ability and can learn different moves.

3. Garchomp

Garchomp is the honorary dragon Pokemon from generation four. It is dragon/ground type and looks like a hammerhead shark. This Pokemon has a cool and intimidating appearance, and is very powerful. This Pokemon is the final evolution of Gible, who can be found in a hidden cave under cycling road. It is used by the champion, Cynthia, in the battle to become the champion.

2. Arceus

Perhaps I should give Arceus the number one spot here, it did create the Pokemon world after all. Unfortunately for Arceus, despite how cool it is, it lacks representation outside of generation four. That being said, this mythical Pokemon can become any type, and is revered for being a deity in the Pokemon universe. This Pokemon was only available through promotional events as a gift long ago when generation four was current.

1. Lucario

Lucario is easily the most recognizable Pokemon from generation four, appearing in Super Smash Bros, Pokken, and making a return appearance in Pokemon X and Y as a core part of the story. Lucario is the first fighting/steel type. Lucario and its mega-evolution are very powerful and still see use in the competitive meta. Aside from all of this, Lucario is just plain and simply one of the coolest looking Pokemon in the franchise.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl honorable mentions go to Gastrodon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Gallade, and Munchlax all for having unique traits and qualities. Make sure to stay tuned for my generation three list next! For all other Pokemon news and stories like and follow Viridian Forest on Facebook and Twitter. Who are your generation four favorites?