Pokemon Black and White: The 5 coolest Pokemon introduced in gen 5


Here is a list of the five coolest Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Black and White, and the reasons they stand out above the rest.

Pokemon Black and White, generation five, introduced 156 new Pokemon to the game, which is more than any other generation to date. This made choosing only five of these quite difficult. This decision was also made difficult due to the amount of legendary and mythical Pokemon added here. So far, I have tried to avoid using legendary and mythical Pokemon on these lists, but for this generation there are a couple that are just too cool to resist, so let’s get to it.

5. Sawsbuck

While Sawsbuck is not necessarily an overly strong or rare Pokemon, it is the lone Pokemon that made use of generation five’s seasons. Sawsbuck and Deerling, the Pokemon that it evolves from, both change appearance based on the current season in the game. This was a fun Pokemon to catch and watch change with the seasons throughout the game.

4. Hydreigon

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon are the first three dark/dragon type Pokemon in the franchise. Zweilous must reach a whopping level 64 to evolve into Hydreigon, which is the highest level any Pokemon must reach to evolve in the entire franchise. This three-headed monstrosity of a Pokemon is quite powerful and has a dark visual appeal.

3. Zoroark

Zoroark has one of the most cool and unique abilities in the entire franchise, illusion. Illusion makes it so Zoroark enters the battlefield disguised as another Pokemon in the party until it is damaged, potentially confusing the enemy into making a bad swap or using a bad move against it. This Pokemon was also used by N, the confused antagonist in the story.

2. Reshiram

This is probably my favorite legendary in terms of appearance and lore. Reshiram is the fire/dragon type Pokemon of truth. This Pokemon is incredibly strong, with the unique ability Turboblaze. Like most legendary Pokemon, it is central to the plot of the games and appears at the end of the game. The player must capture or defeat it along with defeating Ghetsis to ensure the safety of Unova.

1. Landorus

Reshiram may be my personal favorite in terms of appearance, but Landorus is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most unique Pokemon in the franchise. Catching this Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White was incredibly difficult, requiring the player to have both roaming Pokemon, Tornadus and Thundurus, in their party, as well as tracking it down. Once caught, Landorus is able to change forms by using a special item. Changing forms alters its stats and ability. Landorus has been a staple in the competitive meta for quite some time. Its ground/flying typing along with its strong stats and diverse moveset make this Pokemon one of the strongest in the game.

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Other honorable mentions here to go Volcorona, Gothitelle, Zekrom, and Kyurem. While none of these Pokemon are in my top five, they are certainly worth mentioning. Be sure to stay tuned for my next list of coolest Pokemon, which will be from generation four! Who are your favorites from Pokemon Black and White?