Pokemon X and Y: The 5 coolest Pokemon introduced in gen 6


Here’s a look at the 5 coolest Pokemon introduced in generation six, Pokemon X and Y, and why these Pokemon stand out over the rest.

Looking back on Pokemon Sun and Moon was fairly easy, and I found a lot of Pokemon with cool traits relating to the Alolan islands. Finding these in Pokemon X and Y is a little bit harder, as most of the Pokemon introduced in this generation have less unique characteristics. This was also the generation that added mega-evolution, so much of the focus on this generation was mega-evolving Pokemon that already existed. This aside, I was still able to find some Pokemon that I thought were worthy of making my top 5.

5. Heliolisk

There is not a whole lot of unique traits to Heliolisk, but I think the Pokemon is still cool for a number of reasons. Helioptile and Heliolisk are the only two electric/normal type Pokemon in the entire franchise. On top of this, they have access to the ability dry skin, which allows them to heal from rain and water-type moves. Heliolisk also has access to a wide range of moves, with the ability to learn moves like surf, dark pulse, and dragon pulse.

4. Aegislash

Aegislash and its evolutionary line are the only ghost/steel type Pokemon in the franchise. This is an exceptionally strong typing due to the fact that it isn’t effected by normal, fighting, and poison type moves. Aegislash also has an ability unique to it, Stance Change, which allows it to change forms based on the moves it uses, and also alters its stats. This Pokemon is significant to the Kalos lore, as it was said to be the guardian of kings.

3. Goodra

Goodra is the honorary dragon-type Pokemon in generation six, similar to Dragonite in generation one or Salamence in generation three. This Pokemon can only be obtained by leveling Sliggoo to 50 in the rain. Aside from being gooey and lovable, Goodra can fit a variety of different roles on a competitive team, including being a special tank, a special attacker, or a physical attacker. It also has a very wide range of moves that it can learn which makes it a great utility to any party.

2. Flabébé

Flabébé was one of the first new fairy type Pokemon introduced to the series, and is most recognizable by the flower it rides on. This Pokemon can be found with a variety of different colored flowers, which will change the colors of its evolutions as well. This is different from its shiny variant, which can also be found with different colored flowers. Florges, the final evolution of Flabébé, is also a strong and versatile party member.

1. Greninja

Greninja probably has the most representation of any Pokemon from this generation. It appears in the Pokemon the Series, as well as in Super Smash Bros. The final evolution of the water type starter also has one of the most unique abilities in the game, protean, which allows it to change its type to the same type as the move its using. A special version of Greninja, also known as Greninja-Ash, can be obtained by playing the Sun and Moon free demo as well. This Greninja has a special ability called Battle Bond, which enhances its stats and changes its appearance upon knocking out an enemy Pokemon. Greninja is one of my favorite Pokemon in the entire franchise and is well deserving of the top spot on this list, and for the record, his scarf is in fact his tongue!

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Other honorable mentions from Pokemon X and Y go to some of my personal favorite mega-evolutions, Mawile-Mega and Charizard-Mega-X, I didn’t include them on the list because technically they aren’t new Pokemon. Stay tuned as I continue my list with Black and White. Are there any favorites you have from this generation that I left out?