MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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MLB The Show 19 brings back Road to the Show with some new features, and we graded each position in the career mode as the bell has rung, and class is in session.

MLB The Show 19 continues the growth of its career mode, Road to the Show, by bringing interesting new features to the mix such as “Personalities.” Sometimes though, it’s difficult to choose just one position for your player.

So we decided to give a grade for each position that you can play in Road to the Show. There are no true criteria for each grading, as it is based on a combination of things, and sometimes it could just be the little things that stand out.

Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox First Baseman Sony
Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox First Baseman Sony /

First Baseman

Grade: B

One of the best things about playing first base in Road to the Show is that you regularly get the chance to hit either third or fourth in the lineup. This is fun because you’re usually hitting right after your best slappy, base hit guys. This, in turn, means that you will have plenty of opportunities at two or three-run home runs.

Getting plenty of RBI can be critical in an MVP race, and you’ll have the opportunity to get a good chunk when playing first base. It’s also a fitting position for those who choose the “Pure Power” archetype, as your power attributes will rise faster.

One main downfall about playing first base is that you’re not going to get a ton of good defensive opportunities. You can still get a chance to make some nice plays, but it’s pretty seldom since you’ll be bouncing between first and DH if you’re a power hitter.

However, this may be a good thing for beginners in the game who aren’t initially comfortable with fielding in MLB The Show 19. You’ll be too busy trying to bash some no doubt home runs to even worry about the glove.