It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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Destiny 2: Warmind expansion
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#6. Destiny

Right now, it’s kind of hard to tell what Destiny’s legacy will ultimately end up being. Developer Bungie has acquired the rights to the IP back from publisher Activision, and it’s hard to tell if this is the move that will save the series or ultimately be its downfall. There’s no arguing that Destiny is a much better and different game now than it was at launch, though.

Destiny was certainly something that fell prey to overhype and undelivered promises, but unlike fellow entry No Man’s Sky, this wasn’t some small developer plucked out of nowhere to deliver a big game. This was Bungie, the people who made Halo, without which the Xbox wouldn’t have made even the slightest dent in the console market. They were pairing with Activision, the biggest video game publisher in the world at the time, who had the capital to make the biggest adventure Bungie could think of. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s a story that is almost beat for beat what we are seeing for Anthem right now. The biggest difference is that Destiny had a fairly successful pre-release beta that got everybody pretty hyped for the full game. The dirty little secret is there wasn’t much to Destiny at launch then beyond what you saw in the demo. There were only a few sparse areas and some single-player content could be completed in a weekend. The shooting was great but the loot grinding was incredibly frustrating and came nowhere near the “your gun has a story” malarky that was spouted at press conferences.

The game has massively improved since that time though and would be hard to not recommend to anyone looking for a quality shooter that has tons of content. Destiny’s overall future might be a little bit up in the air but Bungie has made a strong push towards making a great product and maybe, just maybe, whatever they do with it net will be their vision fully realized without us having to wait months or even years after the initial launch for it to happen.