It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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#7. No Man’s Sky

There is no question that No Man’s Sky was a victim of the hype machine, but the developers also participated in some outright lies while promoting the game. Had it remained a small and ambitious indie title, the initial release might have seen much praise for the attempted scope and the ideas on hand and the potential that lay ahead.

However, No Man’s Sky was plucked from somewhat relative obscurity to be right up there on Sony’s E3 stage alongside some of their biggest AAA titles and seemed to promise a AAA space adventure experience on consoles. Again, this seems to be both a mix of a hype machine that Sony started but the developers also made little, if any, attempt to temper expectations. Frankly, they outright lied in several interviews about what the scope of the game was and what you could do.

So when No Man’s Sky launches on the PS4 in 2016 as a game that doesn’t have a bunch of features that were at least hinted at and could be considered downright boring, people were rightfully upset.

It took two years and several really huge updates but coinciding with the launch of the Xbox One version last year, No Man’s Sky Next is finally the grand space adventure we were promised in 2016. Not only is it a lot more impressive visually, but it’s also got multiplayer, a third-person mode, the ability to have your own fleets and freighters and so much more. If you want a pretty definitive space exploration game in 2019, No Man’s Sky is a good bet, which it certainly wasn’t when it launched three years ago.