It’s not too late for Anthem: 10 other games that massively improved after launch

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#5.  Battlefield 4

Though the game itself recovered after a period of time, Battlefield 4 was so poorly received at launch that it may have done long-term damage to the IP itself – even though Electronic Arts has not surprisingly denied this.

Battlefield 4 was actually critically acclaimed right out the gate at launch. The solid gameplay was there, but there’s always going to be a pretty big difference between testing with small sample size and then releasing it to the public where potentially (hopefully) millions of people are buying and playing it.

When it publicly launched, Battlefield 4 was an unplayable mess riddled with crashes and glitches. It got to the point where developer DICE literally had to stop everything else they were working on and get all hands on deck in order to just get the game in a playable state. Forget about making sure people were actually enjoying what they were playing.

It was so bad the Electronic Arts had to address the issue the following year at the Game Developers’ Conference, where the “final version” of this full-priced AAA retail video game still had yet to be released.

Nowadays, you’ll actually find a pretty healthy community still playing Battlefield 4. It took many, many months of work to fix a game that should not have come out in that state to begin with.

Though EA will probably deny it, Battlefield 4‘s botched line might have doomed Battlefield: Hardline, which released only months later with a big thud. Electronic Arts claims they have learned from this experience. They did their due diligence and fixed the problems and continue to make Battlefield games, so that should give us some hope that they’ll give Anthem the same attention as well.