Anthem guide: How to quickly and easily farm for coins

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Coins are pivotal to your success in Anthem. If your wallet is light, just follow this guide for some quick and easy ways to earn coins.

Life as a freelancer in Anthem doesn’t come cheap. Earning coins will allow you to acquire new gear and keep your javelin looking sleek as you venture through the hostile environment.

Coins are one of Anthem‘s two forms of currency within the game (the other being shards). Shards are essentially Anthem‘s for of microtransactions; it’s a premium currency you can purchase using real-life money that can only be used for exclusively cosmetics.

Coins, on the other hand, are far more beneficial to your survival in the game. Coins are necessary to craft new weapons and gear, and can also be used to unlock the same cosmetic items as Shards (for much more expensive of a price).

BioWare has been gracious enough to start everyone out with 40,000 coins, but as you’ll see, that can go quickly. The rarest Javelin sets, for example, can cost anywhere from 60,000 coins and upward. That sweet-looking N7 Vinyl graphic for your Javelin? That’ll run you a cool 36,000 coins.

Your ability to farm for coins is pivotal to leading that big-spender lifestyle in Anthem. Thankfully, the game offers quite a few ways to earn coins quickly and rather easily.

Play the campaign and complete contracts

This one should seem a bit obvious as you’re probably already doing just that. Playing through the campaign is the easiest, most streamlined way to earn coins. Completing story missions will earn you a variety of rewards, including a large sum of coins.

As you play through the story of Anthem, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to take on optional contracts. Do it, as these side quests not only help with the worldbuilding but also offer some nice payouts.

That said, the campaign in Anthem is rather short and contracts are limited, so you’re going to need some alternatives.

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Complete Challenges

Right next to playing the campaign, completing challenges in Anthem will reward you with an abundance of coins. Anthem offers a ton of challenges, many of which you will completely naturally just by playing.

Challenges reward you for just everything you do in Anthem. Whether it’s exploring the map or using specific weapons, there are a ton of challenges to complete. Most will be seamless as you play through the game, but if you want to focus on something specific you can access the full list of challenges within your menu.

Each challenge will reward you with about 2,000 in coins, providing a nice boost to your wallet. Unfortunately, challenges can only be completed once, so again, you’re going to need an alternative.

Complete Daily/Weekly/Monthly Trials

If you’re the type who enjoys grinding, trials in Anthem are perfect for you. And they serve as a good way to earn coins consistently.

Trials are similar to challenges in the sense that you are tasked with completing a specific objective. This can come in the form of getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon, defeating a specific type of enemy and things of that nature.

Daily trials are obviously the easiest to complete, but also reward you with the fewest number of coins. What’s helpful though is that sometimes the daily trial will overlap with the weekly or monthly trials. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

A weekly trial is basically extended versions of the daily trial, requiring more effort over a longer period of time. Weekly trials offer more coins as a reward but do require a bit more investment in time.$anchorScroll

Monthly trials refresh once a month and don’t actually reward you with coins but instead rare materials.

Trials are accessed by visiting Lucky Jack in Fort Tarsis. Alternatively, you can view them through the Challenges tab in your menu and then scrolling to the “Path of Glory” section.

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Alliance System

By far the easiest way to earn coins in Anthem, the Alliance System simply rewards you for playing the game and for having friends who also play the game. As a multiplayer game, Anthem emphasizes cooperation and it rewards you for it too.

Here’s how EA explains it:

"When you complete an expedition (like a mission, contract, or Stronghold) you earn XP that is recorded in the Alliance System. As you continue to accrue XP, you’ll pass through 10 different Alliance XP tiers. At the end of every week, you have the potential to be rewarded with Coin based on how much XP has been added to your Alliance System pool."

Completing missions with teammates from your friend list will earn you increased experience; however, it’s not necessary to take advantage of the Alliance System.

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If you’re not already grouped with friends, you’ll be automatically paired up with strangers when going out on an expedition. If you don’t have friends playing Anthem, the game will just take the top five freelancers you have recently played with.

While this may not be the most lucrative or quickest way to earn coins in Anthem, it is by far the easiest as it only requires people to play the game. The Alliance System offers an estimated reward of 2,000 to 3,600 coins per week. This, of course, is determined by how much you and your friends play.

Doing the math

Daily trials will reward you with an estimated 1,500 coins per day (10,500 a week). Completing four weekly trials at 2,000 coins each will reward you with a total of 8,000 coins. Combined with the maximum Alliance System bonus, you can earn around 22,125 coins on a regular weekly basis. Remember, that’s not including coin rewards from contracts, challenges, story missions, world events, or random boss/chest drops.