Fortnite earthquakes crack the map ahead of Season 8. Is Tilted Towers doomed?

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As Fortnite Season 8 approaches, a series of earthquakes have begun to crack the map. Is Tilted Towers doomed?

The seventh season of Fortnite‘s battle royale is drawing to a close and you know what that means; it’s time for Epic Games to begin teasing Season 8.

There seems to be a war brewing between the Fire King and Ice King. The result has been a series of cataclysmic events – mostly earthquakes – that are ripping Fortnite‘s map apart. Over the past few days, players have experienced a series of earthquakes, each leaving a part of the map cracked.

Social media is abuzz with all sorts of speculation as eager fans rifle through the Fortnite game files in attempt figure out the when and what the next big event will be before it happens. Leaked files suggest a disaster of Biblical proportions; fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, 40 years of darkness, the dead rising from the grave.

It will be mass hysteria – human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, earthquakes and tornadoes abound. Okay, so maybe only that last bit is true. The point is, something big is about to go down in Fortnite and it will usher in Season 8 along with what appears to be a slew of changes to the map.

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Current speculation is that Tilted Towers will be the main victim of such event, although we’ve heard rumors of Tilted Towers being destroyed since Season 3. Although, it’s worth pointing out that with the Ice King residing in the South East and the Fire King popping up in the North West, Tilted Towers looks like a prime central location for a showdown. Leaked footage has supported that theory as well.

Fortnite Season 7 is scheduled to conclude on February 28 which is also what the leaked timeline of every crack leads up to. Whatever big event Epic has planned probably won’t come to fruition until that date. Until then, keep an eye on the map because small changes will likely continue to pop up in the days ahead.

In an interesting series of events, Epic Games also recently announced that Fortnite‘s Season 8 Battle Pass will be free for those who complete 13 of the 20 recently added Overtime Challenges. While players who save up their V-Bucks throughout the previous season can typically buy the next season’s Battle Pass for free anyway, this is one way to earn it without having to spend in-game cash.

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It’s unclear why Epic decided to do this, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the rising popularity of Respawn Entertainment’s recently released battle royale game, Apex Legends, which boasted a count of over 25 million players in just one week.