Apex Legends: Beginner tips to become a Champion

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New to Apex Legends? We’ve got some useful tips to help you become a Champion of Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale game.

Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends has risen to the top of Twitch viewership charts and has quickly become the new battle royale craze. Everyone is on it: your friends, your significant other, your siblings, your favorite Twitch and YouTube personalities, hell, even you are if you’re reading this article — or at least have talked about it.

Anyhow, with the rising success of this game, everyone wants to get that “YOU ARE THE CHAMPION” screen and have that temporary endorphin rush (bragging rights included for about five minutes). But winning isn’t always achieved so easily in battle royale games, especially Apex Legends.

Here are five tips to help you inch closer at getting your first victory, or consistent victories:

5. Keep calm, every firefight is not the end of the world

You drop from the ship and land in an area with your squad, weaponless. Here comes that first bit of anxiety: where is the nearest weapon so I can fend off my foes? Loot up quick, rendezvous with your teammates and be wary of what you’re getting into.

But that can get tricky; chances are if you land in the higher tier loot zones or worse, the Hot Spots, you’re going to encounter enemies. Don’t fret, it’s only the end of the world if RNG doesn’t bless you with at least a Mozambique or P2020 after looting two buildings. Once you secure a weapon, you’ll have something to get you closer to that W.

You have an enemy in your crosshairs but they too, have you in theirs. And I’ll excuse those who have less FPS experience or are relatively new to the battle royale game mode but do not spray and pray. Perhaps that tactic netted you one kill after dying more than 15 times in a Call of Duty game, but that won’t cut it here. Remember, it’s one life, one chance — that is unless your teammate picks up your tag and respawns you at a beacon — but other than that, one life.

May I suggest pinging the enemy’s whereabouts to alert your teammates? More firepower against your adversaries will give you the advantage here, especially if you feel that your marksmanship needs work. This will help you tenfold because if you encounter someone early on in a match, they’re going to have two friends with the same goal as you.

To those who frantically react to enemies appearing in the smaller, confined spaces like inside the buildings, there’s no shame in running away to either get a better shot at or an environmental advantage over an immediate adversary.

There is harm if that said adversary is out for blood and follows you. In that case, tactfully engage. And by tactfully, I mean maintain a steady hand and don’t spray and pray.