Apex Legends: Beginner tips to become a Champion

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4. Gear up and pack tactfully, but don’t be greedy

Pick up a set of armor and a helmet. Get two guns, some ammo. Standard procedure, right?

Sounds good already, but remember to stock up on some curatives like shield cells, batteries, syringes, med kits, phoenix kits, etc. You’ll have to manually restore health and shields with these items and they will keep you lasting longer out there in the battlefield.

Pack tactfully because you have limited gear space. You can expand your inventory by picking up a backpack and that helps tremendously. But that doesn’t mean to scavenge every piece of loot you find or see that your foes drop. Only pick up ammo that applies to your weapon. There’s no need to pick up shotgun ammo if you’re using an SMG and an assault rifle.

Remember you have teammates as well (assuming you’re all alive). They also need to stock up on whatever they can find. Don’t be that guy who takes all the epic and legendary loot while they’re stuck with commons and rares. It’s an uneven distribution of power. You’d probably want to have as much firepower and durability as a team when the circle grows smaller and the fights get more intense.

Imagine having all of that top tier loot to yourself only to get target fired by another team, leaving your other two mates at a disadvantage because of your greed. The last thing you’d want is to get berated over a game, or let alone, lose the opportunity of winning because you let your greed get to you. Just because that shiny gold or purple item is enticing, does not mean you’ll get the most out of it. You might have a teammate who would benefit more from it.