31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Ceph Grunt
Crysis 3 – Ceph /

16. Crysis Series – Ceph

It has been a long time since we were in the suit looking through Profit’s eyes and taking on the alien race known as Ceph in Crysis. Ceph is short for cephalopods, which is an alien race that has been on Earth for millions of years. These aliens have long been dormant for the past years until they are finally awoken by an archaeology team. This species is determined on wiping out the human race. This alien species is creepy in many ways. For one, without their metal suits, these creatures are practically blobs of jelly without it.

Cephalopods do not have skeletal structures, so their suits are required. When it comes to the suits, their lanky and tall bodies move like robots giving them a daunting appearance. Many of these creatures can be killed by thrusting a knife into their head underneath its chin. This will easily kill the alien without alerting others that may be nearby.

Until Dawn – Wendigo /

17. Until Dawn – Wendigo

Until Dawn‘s butterfly effect requires players to make tough decisions with little to no amount of time. These kinds of situations make for some intense, stressful and sometimes regretful decisions. The game sets up the player for a more realistic slasher movie story but takes a turn near the end when supernatural beings are stalking them in the snow-covered forests. Wendigos are powerful creatures capable of immense strength and speed.

Wendigos are deceased people who have cannibalized the bodies of others. The spirit of The Makkapitew, the first person on the mountain to transform into a wendigo, is the one who possesses these people after they have consumed human flesh. Thes creatures are very tall and bare bone physically. They can only see movement which is highlighted in their vision with white light silhouettes. The best way to hide from a wendigo is to keep still and if you are brave enough to attempt to kill one then be sure to use fire.