31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Horizon Zero Dawn – Thunderjaw /

14. Horizon Zero Dawn – Thunderjaw

Early 2017 gave us a game that was full of monsters made of metal and robotics which ultimately made it become a nominee for game of the year. Within Horizon Zero Dawn is a unique world full of synthetic animals that many resembled real ones. One such machine did not. The Thunderjaw is the largest machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. Standing at about the size of a tyrannosaurus rex, the thunderjaw is very hostile when it comes to humans.

With a name like thunderjaw, it is bound to have one hell of a kick. Its abilities include the sidestepping swing of its tail, laser disks that will explode on impact and beams shooting out the sides of its face. This machine is a formidable enemy many would pee their pants at the sight of. Getting near a thunderjaw without being detected is impossible due to its radar scanner which detects any human nearby and good luck taking it down easily because there are no weaknesses.

The Witcher 3 – Hym /

15. The Witcher 3 – Hym

In a world like The Witcher, there is bound to be a creature from that world on this list and the Hym makes it. The Hym is a ghost-like creature that feeds off the mind of the guilty consciousnesses. This shadowy creature makes the guilty go into madness to where they go completely insane or ultimately kill themselves. Regardless of the victim’s guilt, the creature will drive them to the brink.

Hyms can be dispatched through a witcher’s exorcism. This draws out the Hym who can then be slain quickly with a sword covered in specter oil. You will need to be quick, however, the hym itself is not fast; it can still reach long distances with its shadowy claws. It has the ability to teleport as well so you will need to keep an eye on your surrounding or you will surely be lost to this shadowy specter.