31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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The Outsider
Dishonored – The Outsider /

18. Dishonored Series – The Outsider

When we first meet The Outsider in Dishonored, he is shrouded in darkness and mystery. His black eyes and the swirling black wisps around him gives him an essence many wouldn’t like to be around all that often. The Outsider is not presented as a good or bad character, rather a neutral one who is helping those who seek it the most. In the Dishonored storyline, it’s of the royal family who seeks to take back their throne once again.

The Outsider is the personification or the representation of the alternate dimension, the Void. The Void is a world with several mysteries surrounding it including the Outsider himself, but his story is revealed in The Death of the Outsider which takes place after Dishonored 2. What makes the Outsider terrifying is his mysterious presence(within the first two games at least), his image and of course the fact that he serves no one. He has free reign to no one and is practically untouchable which makes for a terrifying entity.

Activision – Makarov /

19. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series – Vladimir Makarov

Call of Duty isn’t normally a game full of terrifying creatures or monsters, but the Modern Warfare trilogy gave rise to a character who could very well become a reality. Vladimir Makarov is the main antagonist in MW2 and three, and he does some very scary stuff. His most notable action is the massacre of hundreds of innocent people in an airport. The mission, “No Russian” is a controversial one, but reveals Makarov’s true intentions. This man is pure evil, and we do not necessarily get any redeeming qualities for him.

Makarov was responsible for at least 31,641 deaths during his life in the Modern Warfare series. He has bombed several government buildings, hijacked numerous commercial airliners, assassinated political officials and the list goes on and on. Makarov is the modern terrorist we could very well see rise today which makes him one of the scariest enemies we see on this list.