31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games

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Fallout 4 – Deathclaw /

12. Fallout Series – Deathclaw

Who knew a small chameleon could become something so menacing. Deathclaws originate before the Great War in the Fallout universe. These creatures were genetically created by the government to help substitute men in combat. The government started with Jackson’s Chameleon as the base. This kind of chameleon has three prominent horns on its head which are where the Deathclaw gets its prominent horns.

Deathclaws are very territorial so getting near one is a bad idea if I don’t have the right firepower for the job. If you do engage with a Deathclaw, you must act fast due to the speed of these monsters. Their bipedal movement makes them agile when pursuing prey. Their long claws make excellent weapons when it comes to slashing and tearing making your flesh the same as a pinata.

Baron of Hell
Doom – Baron of Hell /

13. Doom (2016) – Baron of Hell

The Baron of Hell resembles the devil himself the out of any of the other Doom demons. This resemblance along with its raw strength make the Baron of Hell a scary monster. It is the highest ranking demon of any of the Hell Knights, so this demon is the strongest repeating enemy in Doom. There are several instances in the campaign of Doom where the player is met with several Barons which is a difficult task to handle.

Barons of Hell are large muscular demons with two large horns on their head. Regardless of their size, they are still very fast. Their ability to lob Hell-energy fireballs at enemies is a simple task, yet can deal massive damage to the player. If the player is able to collect as much fuel as possible, then they can dispatch the demon with one swift motion of a chainsaw. Without the fuel, the Baron may very well make quick work of you instead.