7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

Crytek's Hunt: Showdown
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Islands of the Nyne: Battle Royale
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4. Islands of the Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of the Nyne takes players to the future with arenas built by aliens just for their enjoyment. This game takes a more science fiction approach to the battle royale genre.

ION is the fastest-paced game on this list due to the player-focus it has. The developers of ION, Define Human Studios, specifically built this game from the ground up for competitive players. Maps, weapons and a skill-based progression system are all part of the experience. The game supports solo, duo or four-player squads.

ION features all the battle royale traits, but with its own twists and turns along the way. For example, the plasma field (equivalent to the storm in Fortnite) shrinks according to how many players are left in the game. A dynamic force like the plasma field changes up gameplay in terms of giving the players security for their own sake. Movement is like any other first-person shooter but is smoother with an emphasis on speed. Players do not have to worry about a clunky inventory system. Instead, they can changes weapons, reload and shoot as smooth as they are capable.

With that said, if you are looking for an Esports focus in the battle royale genre, Islands of the Nyne: Battle Royal may very well be for you. ION is available on Steam early access for $24.99. It’s a pretty hefty price for a game that exists within a genre in which many of its competitors are offered for free, but hopefully, the costs pay for improvements as the game is still in early access.