7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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5. Cuisine Royale

Imagine fighting alongside your friends while a colander sits on your head and a wok covers your chest. You can do exactly this in Cuisine Royale. The idea for the game was originally an April Fool’s joke from the developers of the squad-based MMO shooter Enlisted. However, the game quickly gained traction due to the odd, yet funny concept. Unlike typical battle royale games which feature 100-player matches, each game in Cuisine Royale features 30 players who are battling it out to be the best kitchen warrior.

Players will need to find kitchenware to equip so that they can protect themselves. Items increase certain stats of the player. Glasses, for example, improves gun accuracy. Pots, pans, woks, silverware and a number of other cooking utensils can be used. All of these items are worn rather than having potions or vests to increase your armor. If you find the cigar, you will surely become the tough guy you deserve to be.

Lastly, Cuisine Royale claims it has the most trustworthy loot box system of any game. Boxes are scattered around the map with their contents labeled on the outside. Whatever the box may say, there is a 100 percent chance to receive those items. This is a drastically different loot box system then many other games have incorporated.

As an April Fools’ joke, it’s hard to see this game actually overtaking Fortnite in the genre, but it could provide a nice change of pace for at least a few hours. If you’re looking for some silly fun and want to equip a colander to your head while running into battle then you can pick up Cuisine Royale now for free on Steam early access.