7 battle royale games not named Fortnite you should try

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3. Darwin Project

Scavenging for arrows, building fires and setting traps are just a few actions you will be able to do in Darwin Project. Scavenger Studios has developed an interesting battle royale game mode that steers clear of the genre norm. Players are dropped into a man-made snow arena where they randomly spawn in around the map. The amount of players in each match is significantly less then the previous games discussed which isn’t a bad thing when you see how Scavenger Studios raises the tension in each match.

The map is segmented into 7 sectors where several events can occur. Each sector will have a location where electronics can be summoned, collected and crafted by players. When the electronics are summoned, they alert all players left on the map. Electronics are used to craft powers which vary from sentry turrets, cloaking devices and energy shields. On top of collecting electronics, you can gather wood for arrows, leather for armor, and traps which require a combination of materials.

Enemy players will not be the only killers you will have to watch out for. The biting cold will do its best to freeze you to death so crafting wool coats and setting up campfires are the best way to fight it off. Then, to herd the players together, sectors of the map will begin to close.

What makes this all the crazier and kind of fun is the director, the overseer of the match. This player will decide when and where electronics spawn, what sectors close, along with many other events that can drastically affect the gameplay of the match. It is a truly powerful position that many would enjoy to have control over. If you would, you can get Darwin Project on Steam early access and Xbox One for free.