25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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When it comes to crafting some of the best looking environments and games on the market, Turtle Rock is a master at what they do. They’re a company that knows how to get the artistic designs of the worlds they create seemingly perfect in every way possible. Whether it was Left 4 Dead or Evolve, the team behind both games are masters at what they do and Evolve is just the game to show off their latest artistic masterpieces.

When a match in Evolve begins, that’s when it all comes to life. Broken Hill Foundry is one such map that gives this game life, giving players the feeling that these massive beasts have truly come into existence. Each map is well designed, each providing a unique approach to every hunt.

Some maps offer subtle hints of falling rain as small rodents run about, drawing attention from the bigger threat at work, a threat that could easily blend in with the terrain if players fail to pay attention to the details around them. While this attention to detail is underrated in most games, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios took pride in this very approach, embedding it into the games core DNA and bringing it to life.

Unlike their previous works, however, Evolve is a step above in every aspect. Its graphics are phenomenal, its character designs are absolutely unique compared to one another and the monsters themselves that players will encounter are absolute masterpieces. However, the very same could be said for every map that players will explore. Each one is absolutely beautiful and alive. Despite the fact that each one feels more like a smaller piece in a much bigger puzzle, the design choices made by the team is admirable and shows the amazing talent by the team that developed the game.