25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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No Man’s Sky

Whether you have followed the development of No Man’s Sky by Hello Games or not, it’s still one of the most graphically and artistically appealing games of its type. As a space exploration title, Hello Games has delivered an experience unlike any other within the well-rounded space exploration genre. While No Man’s Sky is a perfect blend of sandbox and space-exploration, it’s also a game developed to be an organic experience.

It’s not often in games like this that you find yourself sitting still within your shuttle, eyes glued to the horizon before you as the decision to enter the atmosphere of a planet lingers on your mind. It’s a tough decision when taking in the sights before you: the soft glow of a white dwarf, the hum of your ship’s engines as you sit idle.

The worlds are all different, each coming with their own unique flora, fauna, and sights to behold. This is a unique title within a much bigger genre since No Man’s Sky doesn’t see itself as just a space exploration title, but rather a unique painting, one with massive canvas’ for players to explore–a painting where worlds are living, breathing entities with their own habitats, some having flora and fauna not seen on other planets while others are barren of any form of life.

Through this artistic vision, No Man’s Sky truly stands out among its peers, giving players a lot to appreciate in regards to this games very artistic nature as they dart across the stars, hovering around suns, moons, and the cosmos alike.