25 of the most detailed video games of this generation

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For Honor

When running through the maps of For Honor during fast-paced and furious combat, it’s hard to take a second to appreciate the game’s carefully crafted maps. One such map for the Viking faction feels like a noble homage to something straight out from a page in history, where structures are put together by master craftsmen, ones profoundly talented in what they do.

Switch to the Knight and Samurai maps and the same could be said for them as well as each carry over their distinct settings. But what’s more admirable is the detail isn’t just in the terrains that players will explore, but the team paid close attention to the detail of each unique character within each unique class. Each comes with their own unique appearances, movements, and voices as they execute attacks. While this has appeared in many other games, the detail stays from beginning to end and as players battle their way through every match, watching their character’s armor beginning to wear from battle.

While seeing massive battles ensue, it’s impressive to see the Hollywood-like approach, one brought to life through the use of NPCs and players alike. Each provides a ballet-like dance coordinated by the clash of blades, the scattering of an opposing armies forces, and uniquely designed player characters as they clash in battle.

If there’s any one game of its kind that effectively gives players a reason to take in its artistic value in a pseudo-medieval, Viking, and Feudal Japanese characters and settings, it’s For Honor by Ubisoft.