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Best Final Fantasy Games #21 – World of Final Fantasy

Those who glossed over World of Final Fantasy just because of its chibi art style suffer the same fate as those who ignore the Bravely 3DS handheld RPG series; they’re missing out. There is a difference in the two, however; World is unabashedly cutesy in its style but plays knowingly into it, coming out the other side with a charming Grymoire experience.

The game still adheres to a core turn-based RPG system but does so interspersed with mini-sized characters that play larger than life with their jokes and quips. Despite their reduced character model size, they are represented with an acute accuracy transposed to the chibi art style. Only Lann and Reynn have traditional designs, with the players using them to take control of Mirages as if they were Pokemon for use in battle.

World of Final Fantasy truly leans heavy on its identity as a spinoff title, centralizing its story around a fantasy world that brings in characters from previous titles with the canon that they’ve always lived in Grymoire. That narrative difference allows for creative storytelling, especially through expanded side stories and other DLC, offering up a lighthearted tale for all to enjoy.