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Best Final Fantasy Games #20 – Final Fantasy Agito

Perhaps the best mobile Final Fantasy game was, unfortunately, never officially released in English for Western audiences. It was a mobile follow-up to Type-O on the PlayStation Portable and followed an episodic structure with player-backed choices determining and influencing what would happen next.

Interestingly enough, there was a deep amount of turn-based RPG gameplay and story content provided over its full release schedule. After customizing your avatar, choosing your weapons and picking out what kind of character you wanted to be, players would undergo a series of missions while interacting with others in your academy.

What kept things interesting were the social aspects of the game. You can deepen bonds with others while adhering to a real-world day-night cycle, offering rewards such as their participation in battle as well as materials needed to strengthen your equipment loadout.

I never got to explore the monetization options for Agito, but from all accounts I’ve seen, it has some of the least egregious of the Square Enix catalog. A Type-O experience in your pocket is a special thing, and it’s a shame many outside Japan didn’t get the chance to try it out.