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Best Final Fantasy Games #22 – Dissidia Final Fantasy

It’s quite stunning to look back at the catalog of fighting games from the late 2000s to see how well Dissidia stacked up against other mobile or portable titles. It leaned on the strength of the franchise’s deep roster of loveable characters, stages from past games’ most famous moments and a remastered soundtrack containing some of the best tracks from the respective boss and regular battle themes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy gave players a fighting game that mixed action-RPG elements in a 3D space similar to Dragon Ball fighting games, but also made sure to implement character-specific limit breaks and combat sequences that made the characters distinct and distinguished within the game’s competitive combat metagame.

Stories in fighting games are always lacking, but the idea to follow the protagonists from the first ten numbered games in the series as the conflict between Chaos and Cosmos grew was an awesome one. It did a great job of paying homage to the past while taking a huge risk on the kind of gameplay that the franchise would explore.

Final Fantasy has done fighting games before, and the efforts fell flat in a major way. Thankfully, Dissidia on the PSP branched out an entirely new idea of games for Square Enix to explore.