How to reach max friendship with everyone in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has taken over our phones and our hearts. But if you want to be besties with Goldie, you have to put in the time and effort.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game where a mixture of greed and generosity gets you friends and influence. You have to give, give, give in order for animals to pay attention to you. As you play, you’ve probably already experienced two important events in the timeline of a camper’s Friendship so far in Pocket Camp. The first is reaching the first “cap” on Friendship of 7. And the second is building an Amenity to raise that cap.

The trouble is that the mechanics behind these amenities aren’t explained in great detail, so it can be nervewracking once you have two amenities built for Cute campers but can’t figure out how to raise the friendship for Sporty ones. But you don’t have to worry. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is kind to those wanting to make the most out of their camping experience with a whole tent full of diverse animal friends.

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The trick with Amenities is that even if you replace a built Amenity with another, the effects of the old Amenity still remain. So if I craft a level 1 Cute Tent to raise the cap for Cute campers to 10, but then replace it with a Picnic Set, cute campers still have a cap of 10. You’ll also retain the upgrade level of the Amenity, meaning if you upgrade the Cute Tent to level 2, then replace it, the option to replace it at level 3 will remain. You can swap between previously-crafted amenities at any time, if one aesthetic is more to your choosing than another.

To reach higher Friendship levels with campers, two things are needed. You’ll have to keep crafting and upgrading amenities. Maxing out one of the amenities of the first set will unlock the second tier, which can be crafted to bring the Friendship levels even higher. You will also reach a point where campers won’t progress until you craft them a very specific, expensive item for your campsite. Talk to them to find out what it is. Like other furniture, they only need to see it in your campsite once to be satisfied, and you can feel free to put it away after that.

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Raising friendship levels takes a long time, and we recommend working on two different types of amenities at once. Because benefits remain even after replacing an amenity, it does you no good to have both a Natural Tent and a Picnic Set–it’s better to replace the tent with a different type of amenity. Otherwise, you’ll have too many villagers capped at once and won’t progress as quickly.

Best of luck getting all those camper photos in Pocket Camp!