Wolfenstein II contraption guide: Constrictor Harness, Ram Shackles, or Battle Walker?

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda /

Your choice of Wolfenstein II contraption will seriously affect your playstyle and experience. Choose wisely.

Other than the outcome of the previous game, Wolfenstein II‘s only major branching decision is which contraption you choose. The choice will come six or seven hours into the game when scientist Set Roth presents you with his new creations.

The right choice will depend primarily on your playstyle, but they’re also more nuanced than the short descriptions will have you believe. They’ll influence the way you traverse levels and offer other important bonuses.

Before we get into things, remember that you’ll have a chance to get all three contraptions though side missions, so there’s no need to restart if you’ve made the wrong choice. Even so, we recommend creating a separate save just in case you’re unhappy. You’ll be stuck with it for at least a couple of hours.

The Constrictor Harness

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda /

If you’re into stealth, the Constrictor Harness is pretty much a no-brainer. The ability to sneak through tunnels lends itself perfectly to a suppressor and hatchet-based techniques, but there are also other, more hidden benefits.

Firstly, wearing the harness will make all of your footsteps silent, even when you aren’t crouching. You’ll still make some noise when you sprint and jump, but nowhere near as much. As a result, sneaking past enemies is much faster and its harder to make mistakes.

In addition, a perk called Terror-Billy will make enemies freeze when they see you, adding even more leeway. It should be plenty of time for a player to line up a silenced headshot.

Ram Shackles

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda /

Ram Shackles is another obvious choice, favoring those who like to get close to the action. It’s best suited to a shotgun-focused playstyle, letting you knock enemies down before spraying them close range.

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You’ll also be taking a much more direct route through the map, bashing holes in walls and finding yourself amidst a group of enemies. If you like to rush games, this is probably your best choice.

However, it could also be a decent pick for a more liberal player. A perk called Sturdy lets you remain upright during explosions, which is extremely useful when fighting the bigger enemies. It also means you can throw grenades nearby without worrying too much.

Cannon Arm furthers that by increasing the velocity at which you throw grenades. They will travel much further and faster, making it easier to hit your target in time. The perk also applies to hatchets, which could also be beneficial for a stealth playthrough.

Meanwhile, the final, unlockable perk is one of the most powerful in the game, letting you regenerate armor. To enable it, you’ll have to do a side mission for Riva Tuomivaara, who can be found on top of the big, circular elevator in the center of the ship.

Battle Walker

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda /

This is easily the most flashy contraption and will entice many on their first playthrough. Thankfully, it’s quite a safe choice, providing value to pretty much any playstyle.

As well as getting you up annoying ledges quickly, Battle Walker can give a huge advantage over some types of enemies. Flamethrower troops, for example, struggle to reach you so far up, and dogs can’t knock you down.

You’ll also be able to get to high ledges, making it a good combo with the scoped Sturmgewehr rifle. If you do need to get in close, Quick draw will slow down time a little while you switch weapon, though it’s fairly minimal.

Adrenaline is much more useful, giving you a health boost each time you kill an enemy and ensuring you live far longer. Combine that with the special perk, Stamina, and your health won’t degrade over time, making you pretty tanky.

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You can unlock that by talking to Irina Yakova, who can be found through the side passage near the cinema sign in Club Kerisau.