10 3DS/DS exclusive franchises that should come to Nintendo Switch

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#3. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

It is an absolute travesty that we have only gotten one game starring Rocket, the heroic slime of the exceedingly charming Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The game is all about those goofy slimes you have no doubt mercilessly murdered thousands of if you’ve played any of the main Dragon Quest games. It gives them a surprising amount of personality and fun gameplay to go along with it.

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The top-down perspective gives at a very 16-bit Zelda feel, but in my opinion, the real appeal of the game was it’s epic tank battles. You are basically managing a giant tank and taking on other giant tanks. You have to consider ammo, the damage being taken and so on, but you can also invade the other tank to damage systems, steal ammo and so forth. The tanks were also very customizable, with assistants that had special abilities. It is a very unique and fun concept.

I think a new Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime entry on the 3DS opens a whole new level of possibilities for deeper customization of your giant slime tank. It honestly wouldn’t take much more than that. And if people are looking for a game that has a classic 16-but adventure feel on their Nintendo Switch, this could certainly fit the bill.