The 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

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The RPG genre is arguably one of the oldest and best-known of game genres. We looked back at their history and came up with the 50 best RPGs of all time.

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This listing of the 50 best RPGs of all time ranks RPGs based on multiple factors: graphics, design, gameplay, narrative, influence, “fun factor”, and how well they’ve stood up to the test of time. Staff experience was taken into account, along with the public’s reception to these games over time. For games with a remake or remaster, we took into account additional content added in later versions, but not harmful factors such as poorly-designed ports (we’re looking at you, Final Fantasy). Finally, for this list, MMORPG’s and tactical RPGs were not taken into account at all.

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dragon's dogma
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50 – Dragon’s Dogma

Developer: Capcom

Initial Release Date: May 22, 2012

Why it’s one of the best RPGs: Dragon’s Dogma offered familiar class and visual customizations in an action RPG environment, but its most interesting offering was the “pawn” system. You travel with three companions controlled by AI who act on their own, but their movements can be controlled somewhat by giving them orders. They also constantly call out warnings or provide information on enemies. Your party members behave in many ways like other, real players, and your efforts to strengthen them provide a strange kind of kinship in spite of their being computer-controlled.

With an enormous open world, full voice acting, helpfully strong NPCs to pick up the slack for players less-skilled at such games, and the ability to “climb” enemies ala Shadow of the Colossus or Monster Hunter, Dragon’s Dogma provided an engaging RPG experience for a new audience. Microsoft’s consoles tend to boast the fewest number of RPGs so that combined with its easy learning curve worked in Dragon’s Dogma’s favor.

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