10 3DS/DS exclusive franchises that should come to Nintendo Switch

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#1. Pokémon

Look, I’m not even the biggest fan of Pokémon, but this is the most obnoxiously obvious thing of all time. How has there never been a proper Pokémon game on a Nintendo home console? It’s a massive monster of a franchise, and maybe the main entries should stay portable, but the home consoles haven’t even gotten a collection or a remake. The few entries there have been on Nintendo Home consoles are rather weak spin-offs that are better left forgotten (Pokémon Snap notwithstanding).

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Previously, you could make the argument that portability was core to the Pokémon experience, and therefore it cannot be on a system that is tethered to the TV. I don’t really agree with that assessment, but I see the reasoning. With the Nintendo Switch, that argument is entirely void. Like I said, I’m not the biggest Pokémon fan, I haven’t gotten serious time in with the series since it’s original release on the Game Boy. However, give me a home console-scale adventure with some of these pocket monsters on the Nintendo Switch, and I might be genuinely interested in a new Pokémon game for the first time in decades. If a new game in the series is announced soon and its for the 3DS, Nintendo is showing a lack of confidence in what the Switch is supposed to be in my opinion.

And that’s our list of series that have been Nintendo or 3DS-exclusive that should make the move to the Nintendo Switch. Are there any games that have been stuck on Nintendo’s portable consoles you’d like to see on the Switch? Let us know in the comments!