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#1. Shining Force

So I want to be extremely clear in what I mean here. Shining is a Sega franchise that covers a lot of different genres, even under the Shining Force name. Some are first-person dungeon crawlers, some are action-rpgs. But my favorite entries in this franchise have always been of the turn-based tactical RPG sort, and that’s really what I think Sega should do if they try and bring back Shining Force.

Shining Force is easily my favorite Genesis game of all time, I still own it on Steam to this day. Strategy RPGs are going pretty strong these days as well with series like Fire Emblem, Disgaea and even X-Com all chugging along, so it seems like the perfect time to reintroduce this series.

One thing I really felt Shining Force did better than most other games was having a pretty massive roster of characters that all potentially had value and brought different strategies to battle. Battles also consisted of pretty large parties, so the scale was bigger than many tactical RPGs that often limited you to just a few units. The series like many on this list fell prey to poor Saturn sales as one part of Shining Force III was released over here and we never got the full release. I’d be happy with either a new entry or HD collection, but I feel Shining Force is the series Sega most needs to look into if they are thinking about reviving their franchises from days past.

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And that’s the list. I’m well aware that there are many Sega franchises that didn’t make the list that some will feel should be on here over others. But that’s the thing about Sega, they’ve been around a long time and made a lot of great games that many of us would love to see again. These are just the ones I felt would get me most excited to see again in some form. Feel free to champion your picks for what franchises Sega should bring back in the comments!

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