The ten best classic superhero games

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The older generations of consoles and arcades didn’t have a ton of great superhero games. But there were at least ten, and here they are!

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Any modern list of greatest superhero games is going to be filled with the usual suspects: Your Arkham games and Ultimate Alliance games, maybe a superhero-based LEGO or fighting game here and there. But what about back in the day when technology was a lot more limited? What were the best superhero games of the 8, 16 and 32-bit eras? Truth be told, while there were plenty of games featuring your favorite heroes, most were pretty terrible. But there were a few great ones that rose up from the pack of mostly abysmal garbage. Here are ten superhero games of old that are still pretty heroic, even today.

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#10.  Incredible Hulk (Genesis/SNES)

The unstoppable green giant known as The Incredible Hulk seems rife with potential for a slew of awesome video games. After all, you just smash everything, destroy buildings and throw cars. How could that go wrong? Well, honestly, it hasn’t gone that wrong because surprisingly there haven’t been a ton of video games starring the big green guy.

And one of the first is a pretty well-thought out representation. The Genesis actually had a series of Marvel superhero games that were at least average if not pretty darn good. The Incredible Hulk is arguably the worst of the bunch, and you know what? It is still pretty decent.

The worst crime The Incredible Hulk commits is that it’s arguably not a great representation of the power level the Hulk really possess’. For example, even the most basic enemies take several hits, and rather than just getting stronger with each attack, Hulk has a health bar and is quite mortal.

But he’s a well-animated sprite that moves pretty well, and a lot of the classic Hulk moves are in the game such as the Thunder Clap. Bonus points for having what some might’ve considered a trick of a final boss “fight” at the time with The Leader, but I thought it was hilarious.