10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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8 – QuackShot (Genesis)

Simply put, there aren’t enough games starring Donald Duck. Note in my opinion, it doesn’t actually matter how many games Donald Duck has starred in, there need to be more. Especially since his inarguable peak was reached with his first solo 16-bit adventure, Quackshot.

In a lot of ways, Quackshot could be considered 16-bit successor to the classic Ducktales games on the NES. You traveled around the world to exotic locations to locate treasure, just like Uncle Scrooge did. The biggest difference was that rather than pouncing on enemies using your cane as a pogo stick, Donald actually had a gun. A plunger gun, but a gun nonetheless. You could use it to stop enemies dead in their tracks. It could also shoot bubbles and gum, because of course it can. More importantly, it could be upgraded to use as device to climb high walls, or fly on birds (yes, really). While not quite as good as Ducktales, Quackshot was a solid spiritual successor and easily the best game starring Donald Duck.