10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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7 – Goof Troop (SNES)

Does the name Shinji Mikami ring a bell? If not, how about Resident Evil? While not the first, the game certainly brought the survival horror genre into the mainstream. And it all goes back to the SNES gem Goof Troop. See that’s the game Mikami first designed and really cut his teeth on. And a lot of those basic ideas in the game were implemented into the first Resident Evil game. So, Goof Troop could be considered a prototype of sorts for Resident Evil. Let that sink in for a minute.

In the game, you can play co-op or take control of Goofy or his son Max, each with slight differences (i.e. Goofy is slower but can deal more damage). You solve various puzzles and defeat pirates of varying types in a top-down view. It’s not horribly complex but when you know what Mikami works on next you can see the beginnings of the seeds of his style of survival horror, and in that context it’s really interesting. Plus it’s just a very fun and competent game all its own. If there is a second Disney Afternoon Collection, Goof Troop should definitely be included.