10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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1 – The Magical Quest (SNES)

In the 90s, powerhouse mascots Mario and Sonic were duking it out for platformer supremacy. But it could’ve easily been said that Mickey Mouse was holding his own right alongside them. There were the excellent games in the Illusion series on Genesis, for example. And then even those were arguably topped by The Magical Quest developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo.

What made Magical Quest stand out even more than the Genesis efforts? Well, in addition to the same kind of platform action you found in those games, Mickey acquired several costumes in the game. Those costumes gave him special abilities that added a whole new level of gameplay to your ordinary platformer. The outfits could even receive upgrades purchased in shops. Granted, these days that is par for the course, but back then it was a fairly novel idea. I mean sure, Mario has had power-ups and/or suits since the original NES entry. But could you upgrade them in a shop? No, sir. And much like the Super Nintendo version of Aladdin, The Magical Quest was Capcom at their peak in the 90s, so the gameplay was simply stellar. The Magical Quest is arguably the best Disney game to date and I’d say it’s one of the best platformers of the 16-bit era bar none.

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And that’s the list of the ten best Disney games not featured in the Disney Afternoon Collection. I certainly would love to see more like it in the future with some titles on this list or even titles that just barely missed making it. Are there any classic Disney games you fondly remember not in the Disney Afternoon Collection or on this list? Discuss them in the comments below!