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21 – Soda Shake

In Soda Shake, you pass around a single Joy-Con, shaking it up like a bottle of fizzy soda before passing it onward. The idea is not to have it pop on you, but…why?  For one, having the soda pop when you’re holding it is the most enjoyable part of the game, as you get to experience the fizzy feel of the HD Rumble. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any indicating change in the rumble to hint at you that it’s about to blow. This means that as you pass the soda bottle, its explosion is entirely up to random chance. Shaking it longer or shorter doesn’t seem to have an effect on whether it will explode on you or the next person at all!

You’ll play a handful of rounds of Soda Shake before passing the bottle on to some other title in 1-2-Switch. At least this one gets the entire room up and playing at once!