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20 – Telephone

Telephone is an interesting concept for a game–you and a partner set your Joy-Cons down on a flat surface, place your hands in your lap, and look each other in the eyes. When you hear a designated ringtone (and the game will trip you up with fake ones), the first person to pick up the Joy-Con and answer “Hello?” will be declared the winner. Picking it up on fake ringtones, or moving too slow on the right one, will cost you the game.

Telephone is some fun, but after a few rounds, it becomes rather samey, even with the different ringtones to change it up. It’s like a sitting-down version of Quick Draw where I’m less inclined to look my opponent in the eye because that means I can’t see my Joy-Con. The game even tried to trick my friends and I into believing we needed to shout “Hello?” at our Joy-Cons in order for it to register a victory. It can’t tell if we’re talking at it or not, right? …Right?