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22 – Eating Contest

I realize that this game will spawn no end of amusing, inappropriate jokes, but that’s where the fun ends for Eating Contest. It’s good for making weird videos of your friends moving their mouths near a Joy-Con in lewd ways, but when it comes to actual play, you’ll quickly tire of this single-player game. For one, the Joy-Con is so sensitive you have to hold it with both hands and not move a muscle but your mouth in order to succeed, and then there’s the fact that there’s really no reason to play it more than a few times. Once you’ve consumed 10 1/4 sandwiches in the time allotted, you’ve done all you can for the world and should retire to a different game in 1-2-Switch’s line-up.

But, do take a stupid video of your friends playing this first. You won’t regret it later.