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5 – Sword Fight

Like the top game on this list, Sword Fight brings the best of 1-2-Switch’s tech demo nature to a highly reactionary, fun game that utterly engrosses you for the time you play it. Using your Joy-Con as a broad sword, you have a sword fight with a friend. Please don’t smash the Joy-Cons together, though. Treat the Joy-Con as a hilt and use it to swing or block (by holding down ZL or ZR while you guard) your opponent’s slashes. Each player has five hearts, and the first to lose them all loses the entire game.

With the exception of Sword Fight, Wizard, and Quick Draw, no other games on this list so induced me to look at my opponent and focus on the game rather than how awkward it was beside Sword Fight. You have to be quick and focused to get shots on target, and the Joy-Con’s sensors respond well to the different angles and speeds you can swing and block with. You’ll get a recap afterward of your entire battle. En garde!