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4 – Safe Crack

While Nintendo and others might want to tout Ball Count as the premier example of the intricate feeling of HD Rumble, Safe Crack was what sold it for me. Using the Joy-Con as a lock on a safe, you must gently turn the dial to find the one spot where it seems to stick, where the click is just slightly more pronounced. Hold it there for a moment to select, then move on. Three correct selections will unlock the safe and win you the game.

The subtleties of the rumble are truly brought out in how distinct the vibrations are based not only on whether you’ve found the sweet spot or not but also how fast or slow you turn the dial. It feels like a lock. Just like those little locker locks you used to have in high school! Safe Crack got me thinking about the potential of this tech for stealthy, spy-related games, or lock picking challenges in titles similar to Skyrim. Please, Nintendo, don’t let the idea die with 1-2-Switch!