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6 – Shave

Nothing makes a room of non-beard-growers feel weirder than being asked to shave their faces with a video game controller. Shave uses the gyro sensor and motion controls of the Joy-Con as you run it across your face to shave off an invisible beard, with whichever player shaving off their entire beard first winning it all. It’s not exactly precise in terms of your facial structure, so you’ll likely end up doing some bizarre moves like shaving your eyeball to get all the hair, but its accuracy isn’t really the concern in this game. If anything, you’re laughing more as you run the Joy-Con to the back of your neck, looking for stray parts of your beard.

Did I mention the HD Rumble is super neat in Shave, too? That’s how you find your beard–the feeling of shaving off thick masses of hair is super-real, meshing the buzz of the electric razor with the heavy or light resistance of either hair or air. It’s weird as hell, but a nifty tech experience.