10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Morinth Mass Effect 2
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#5. Morinth

Samara is a super powerful Asari Justicar who walks a very complex ethical tightrope. She’s one of the more genuinely interesting characters in Bioware’s Mass Effect series. You know who isn’t a great character? Morinth. Morinth is Samara’s daughter, but also a “sex vampire.” She pretty much kills anyone she has sex with. And if for some insane reason you choose to romance her, you get to be her next lucky corpse!

The only way you even get Morinth on your party in the first place is by killing Samara. In case you haven’t played through Mass Effect 2 or just don’t remember, Samara will only join your cause if you help her track down an kill her daughter because, frankly, Morinth is a massive threat. You basically have the opportunity in that mission to instead let Morinth kill Samara and in return she’ll join your party.

Do you get any benefits from getting Morinth aside from the aforementioned possible death by fornication? Not really. Morinth just impersonates Samara, and nobody’s really the wiser. Like the abilities are basically the same. And while there might have been a good opportunity to maybe redeem Morinth if there was ever an opportunity presented, she just turns into a mindless enemy in Mass Effect 3 no matter what you do. And she never really exhibits anything that would make you feel sorry about that fate. Just stick with Samara. Basically the same character as far as combat goes, and no chance of death by snu snu.