10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Sten In Dragon Age: Origins
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#6. Sten

The Qunari as a race in Dragon Age are much of a mystery in the first game. And if they were all like Sten, I’d rather they’d remain that way. Sten always just seemed so unimportant. You can leave him behind in that cage to rot and it doesn’t affect the outcome of the game one bit. He’s a perfectly ok fighter but Alistair, Oghren or even your Mabari War Hound seem just as capable in a fight and more fun.

And quite frankly Sten is kind of a terrible person. And hey, Bioware games are loaded with terrible people, but they are usually like fun evil. Sten murdered a family of farmers. Because he was upset about losing his sword. Like how does that reasoning even conflate?

Like I understand the significance of the sword and what it means to Qunari to lose it, that’s not the issue. But how does that translate into rage murdering some completely innocent people who by the way rescued him? It would’ve honestly made more sense if he was just a bastard and killed them because he deemed them weak or something. And while it’s nice that he regrets those actions, but honestly beyond needing to fill a slot for your party there’s little reason not to let him rot in that cage until the blight presumably kills him later on if you just leave him be.